Professional, tailored leadership services
Professional, tailored leadership services

Strategy Development

A complete service offering a range of options to support all areas of organisational strategy: review and evaluate existing strategy, develop new elements or facilitate creation of a whole new strategy

Having an effective and appropriate strategy is so often held up as the essential element for organisational performance. In times of rapid change strategy has to become increasingly agile to deal with a constantly shifting environment.

Some organisations stick slavishly to their agreed strategy, holding on to the one key element agreed by the Board. Others forget they have a strategy and end up reacting to every change with no compass to guide them.

Clear strategy is a vital component of any organisation, setting an unambiguous direction. An effective strategy needs to have built in, the ability to flex and change as the environment shifts. It also needs to be regularly reviewed and developed or totally transformed.

Leadership2 can offer a complete range of services to help management teams and Boards ensure their strategies are appropriate for their circumstances, sufficiently agile, well communicated internally, reviewed regularly and give clear direction and confidence.

Strategy Review

Provides an independent review of your organisation's strategy. This can involve a review of the paperwork, interviews with key staff and other key stakeholders.


Strategy Refresh

Assesses which elements of a strategy need to be updated and works with management team and Board to facilitate a process of updating the strategy


Strategy Development

Leadership2 will facilitate the process of developing an entirely new organisational strategy. This is not about doing it for you, but designing a process, drawing in the right input and helping management teams and Boards to make the key strategic choices.

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