Professional, tailored leadership services
Professional, tailored leadership services

Organisational Development

Let us bring decades of experience in change and organisational culture to help you through the maze of organisational development.


Made up of complex people, Organisations are inevitably complex organisms. Individual and group histories are powerful influencers of attitudes and behaviour. Relationships between individuals, teams and departments have a huge influence on both the working environment and productivity. The 'politics' of an organisation can have a significant impact on it's ability to achieve it's goals and can be both an effective tool and a troubling blockage.

In a fast moving world, organisations have to be increasingly agile and able to flex in response to their environment. Change management has therefore developed as one of the most sought after skills for senior managers. But effectively changing a complex organism is a daunting undertaking with stats reminding us that 80% of change initiatives fail to deliver the intended outcomes.

Too often, change programmes are embarked on as discrete and focused pieces of work rather than one more step in an ongoing process of organisational development. This bigger view of the context of change can play a vital part in ensuring the achievement of the desired outcomes and often help to develop more appropriate and realistic expectations in the first place.

Whilst there are plenty of proven techniques and tools to assist, developing an organisation is an art not a science. There is a 'feel' that some people have for the complex interaction of culture, relationships and power dynamics - something Tim Jeffery has termed 'organisational intelligence'.

Tim has taken organisations through many different varieties of change as they have sought to develop their systems, structure and culture. He is available to provide support to CEOs, Boards and management teams as they think through, plan and implement change. This can range from providing an objective 'critical friend' accompanying key staff through a change process to a more hands on service of facilitating and seeing through a complete organisation redesign. Our service can be almost infinitely tailored to suit your needs and budget. Please feel free to Contact Us for a confidential initial discussion.

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