Professional, tailored leadership services
Professional, tailored leadership services

Mentoring & Coaching

A personalised service for CEOs and directors to support, encourage, stretch and challenge, helping you to grow and mature as a leader

Tim Jeffery is an experienced coach and mentor - both within management relationships and also for independent clients, who loves to see people flourish, breaking through the barriers that hold them back and achieve their potential. Tim's style can be summarised as

  • an organic and responsive mix between traditional coaching and mentoring that can stay neutral but is not afraid to switch to a more engaged style that offers insights and opinions
  • deep listening - not to just what is being said and communicated non-verbally, but also through what is not being said and what lies behind and underneath. 
  • asking great questions that help the client reflect and explore
  • supportive and challenging

Tim mentors a number of CEOs and senior staff and is happy to develop a flexible programme of meetings and Skype calls to suit clients' needs. If feasible, these will often involve a walk in some natural environment helping to engender a relaxed and reflective discussion.


If you are interested in a further discussion about this service for yourself or a colleague please contact us

Mentoring/Coaching Packages

Here are some sample packages that are available or can be tailored, combined and added to in order to make the perfect approach:


Head Start

Becoming a CEO for the first time can be a daunting and lonely experience and yet the early days are vital in establishing credibility and signposting people to what's important to you.  A Chair of Trustees may be supportive and helpful but they have a role to play.  Good relationships may be developing with colleagues but there is a limit to what you can share and how much support you can draw from them.  As an experienced CEO who has journeyed with many other CEOs starting out on this road, Tim Jeffery can help you to thrive in your first months in the job.  Monthly coaching sessions over the first 6 months will help you reflect on how its going and make plans for how to handle key relationships and events. Weekly phonecalls or Skypes give the opportunity to regularly discuss live issues, giving you the confidence to move forward having thought something through and had the input of someone who's been there!


Head Start - Premium

This package provides regular face to face coaching sessions up to twice per month and unlimited phonecalls and Skypes.  In addition Tim can look through and comment on documents, presentations, reports, meeting plans/minutes.  This is intensive support designed to get you off to a flying start!    


Step Up

Maybe you have a Director (or as a Chair, a CEO) who needs some help either to step up and really succeed in their role or step out.  It can be hard to find the time and objectivity to really invest in a colleague to help them to see what they need to do to succeed or to sensitively help them to come to the conclusion that it's time to go.  Tim Jeffery has considerable experience of both helping people to up their game and of helping them to leave well.  Let Tim come in to support an individual make that crucial decision.  The cost to an organisation of having the wrong people in post or persistent underperformance, can be immense - so it can be a fantastic investment to help someone step up or step out.



Through our careers, we all come to those crossroads moments where we have big decisions to make about the direction of our working journey.  Tim specialises in helping people navigate these crossroads.  Through a series of coaching sessions and/or a more intensive 24 hour 'retreat', Tim will work with you to help you assess your options, uncover your true feelings about them and work your way towards a decision.

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