Professional, tailored leadership services
Professional, tailored leadership services

Leadership Development

Let us help you tailor your own programme or single event to grow mature leaders - the greatest investment any organisation can make.

The key role of leadership in any human system or enterprise has become well established as a vital factor in ensuring success and health. Examples of good and poor leadership and it's impact, abound. For organisations and individual leaders, investing in their leadership development has to be a top priority and yet is too often neglected or under-resourced.

Tim Jeffery has substantial experience of working with individuals, teams and organisations to help develop their leadership. Leadership2 offers a bespoke service, tailoring a package of support which may be as simple as a single facilitated away day or a multi-year, multi-level development programme.


Please Contact us to arrange an initial discussion of your needs and what Leadership2 can offer. 

Examples of Leadership Development interventions

1. Exploring Strengths

It's not complicated - people work best, give most, engage, commit themselves etc when they are operating out of their strengths. That's intuitively obvious but has also been rigorously verified by Gallup. In their extensive research, they found that in an organisation which is not interested in and does not develop people's strengths, only 9% of the workforce feel committed to the organisation. In a context where attention is paid to strengths and these are actively developed, this rises to 73%. Now that's a difference that should get any leader's attention.


Tim has been using the Strengthsfinder tool with individuals and teams since 2004. He can facilitate a half day or full day session to help individuals in a management team understand their own strengths, each others strengths and then explore together their strengths profile as a team. If needed this can be combined with individual coaching sessions to help team members think through their strengths profile and the team leader better grasp how they might best be able to manage each member. The options are (almost) endless and can be tailored to suit your situation.

2. Developing Leadership Behaviours

Off-site leadership days can be a really important way of making some time to talk through some of the bigger issues organisations face.  Often just the different pace, eating together, going for a walk etc can be a valuable process in team building and connection.  But how often do good intentions about doing things differently actually get worked through into embedded changes in behaviour and culture?


Developing a set of agreed Leadership Behaviours that become part of the daily narrative and reality of a management team, can be a powerful way of really delivering the changes we want to demonstrate. Tim Jeffery is experienced in working with high performing teams, helping them surface the key behavioural and cultural changes they want to see and facilitting the development of clear leadership behaviours that signpost these to their staff through their own behavioural example.


Tim can facilitate a one day event or a deeper process over a number of sessions to help you get to grips with the knotty problems that can arise within leadership teams and organisations.

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