Professional, tailored leadership services
Professional, tailored leadership services

Interim CEO Service

Experienced CEO able to step in to provide stability, confidence and support to managers and Trustees and undertake focused development activities

The interegnum between one CEO leaving an organisation and another starting is filled with potential challenges and opportunities. It can be a nerve-wracking time for Trustees and staff and, handled badly, lead to a sense of paralysis and limbo. Having used interims on many occasions Tim Jeffery has seen the potential for interim management to be highly creative and transformational, fairly bland amd downright unhelpful.


Sometimes, what is needed is for an experienced CEO to come in and provide confident, composed leadership and stable management to senior staff. However, the absence of a permanent CEO can be the opportunity to make some much needed changes ahead of the appointment and start of a new incumbent. By bringing in, for a relatiely short time, an experienced CEO who brings skills in organisational development, strategy and leadership, there is the opportunity for some significant developmental work that can move the organisation along in preparation for a permanent replacement.


Whatever your organisations circumstances, contact us for a confidential, exploratory discussion. We will take time to listen to your circumstances ask questions that help to test and clarify your thinking and then propose options of how we can help.


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