Professional, tailored leadership services
Professional, tailored leadership services


The following contains a selection of recommendations and references from people who have worked with Tim Jeffery.

Kathy Evans, CEO Children England


"I've known and worked with Tim both in his role as leader of Spurgeons, and more directly as a member of our Trustee Board at Children England over many years. For the last two years, he has been our Board Chair and my personal mentor in making the transition to becoming CEO myself.

I have found Tim to be someone on whom I could always rely for the right balance of strategic vision, business acumen, and practical grounding in the day-to-day realities of running a charity. He has been hugely supportive and encouraging, and equally reliable in being the person who will make the 'tough calls' and 'constructive challenges' when needed. His sense of professionalism, passion and personal committment for his work has always shone through."

Phil Jones, Consultant at Excitant


"As Chief Executive, Tim was keen to challenge how things had developed and to improve the way Spurgeons thought and worked. Tim instigated the strategy and organisational change work I led at Spurgeons. He was instumental in shaping the resulting change programme and making sure that it headed off in the right, achieveable direction.

Tim is a thoughful leader, willing to create the space for others to step into and perform. He has clear principles, helping others understand where he is coming from and how they can develop as leaders also.

Tim is also able to diagnose an organisation's cultural and behavioural problems, and to drill into the underlying problems and solutions and find out what is really going on.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tim."

Val Floy, Director of Business Development, The Children's Society


"Tim is a capable and experienced professional with demonstrable insight into leading signifiant Organisational change processes. He has a breadth of knowledge of leadership theory and practice and is an inspiring facilitator, able to bring ideas from groups into a coherent structure. He is an excellent communicator in a wide range of situations."

Tim Elgar, CEO e:merge


Tim is someone of incredible character who I can not recommend highly enough. His knowledge and influence in the third sector and proven success as a leader of large charities speaks for itself. I have first hand experience of his incredible capacity and capability to manage highly complex pieces of work, mobilise and motivate successful teams and implement, lead and develop strategy.

His integrity, work ethic and faith motivation makes him someone who can be relied on to deliver, find solutions, implement and manage change in a number of environments. I would consider him an expert in the voluntary sector and issues affecting young people, to have advanced knowledge of the public sector and has a proven track record of success.

As a young leader myself, Tim has inspired me to grow in my capacity and capability, he has improved my ability to grow an organisation and in turn successfully impacting communities and the lives of young people, developing my professionalism and leadership skills. I look forward to opportunities to work with him again in the future.

Richard Tiplady, Principal, International Christian College


 "Tim is a thoughtful and forward-thinking leader who gets the job done. He is able to articulate a clear vision and draw together people and resources around that vision. He is not afraid to challenge and provoke when appropriate, but always keeps the best interests of his staff and colleagues in mind when doing so."

Morag Fox, HR Consultant


"I worked with Tim on a Talent Management initiative a couple of years ago.

Tim is a highly credible CEO, who truly understands the value of engaging with people in the organisation.

He is incredibly well balanced and measured and passionate about what he does. He achieves things through working with other people, and has a leadership style that engenders respect from those who work with him.

I personally enjoyed working with Tim and hope that we can work together in the future.

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