Professional, tailored leadership services
Professional, tailored leadership services


The work of Leadership2 is driven by a strong philosophy - developed and refined over many years, bringing together things that work in practice and make a coherent and effective approach to leading people and organisations. In brief, the main pillars of this philosophy are:


  • People first. Relationships are the most valuable element of any situation. Nurturing good relationships, based on trust and openness is the best investment we can make - at home, at work - everywhere. 
  • Reflect first. There is enough time. Our hurry-addicted world and mindset tell us otherwise but the need to slow down, to think, to reflect and then to act has never been more crucial for success.
  • Values first. Intergity and authenticity are the greatest attributes for successful and resilient leaders. Consistently holding to our values under pressure builds character and brings confidence to those we lead.
  • Creativity comes from slowing down. Neuroscientists tell us that the brain has too modes - Fast & Slow. Creativity and innovation are products of Slow mode.
  • Deep is always worth the effort. Real transformation occurs when we are prepared to invest time and emotional energy in going deeply into ourselves, our relationships and the problems we face.

What this means for the way we will work with you: 

  • We will take time, particularly at the beginning of an assignment, to listen to the people involved. This investment early on helps to clarify what is really required, reducing dead ends and focusing attention in the right place.
  • We will facilitate times to slow down, to reflect deeply and to think clearly about the issues.
  • We will always be honest with you, never taking an assignment that is outside our expertise or that is poorly conceived and likely to fail.
  • We will be supportive AND challenging, finding appropriate ways to raise difficult issues and tackle tough questions, even when that may not be initially welcomed.
  • We will be flexible, able to change tack and adapt as situations change.

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